Our Indiegogo Campaign Launch

We are so excited to announce that on March 15th, 2017, on Kick Butts Day, we launched our Indiegogo campaign to raise money to sustain our free early smoking prevention education program at SmokingTNC. 



As the staff of SmokingTNC sat together live on Skype from our corners across the globe, we pressed the launch button of our campaign and cheered. 

Now though, our work is just beginning. We are not a big corporation. We are a core team of dedicated, impassioned educators, teachers, health workers, environmentalists, and advocates, all with the same goal: to provide a healthy and tobacco free future for the next generation. To empower this generation to make informed decisions about their body, about money management, and about being a responsible consumer. And to provide free access to education for all who need it. 

This responsibility is a huge one, and we cannot do it alone. We need our supporters to BE our movement, on a global scale. We need to be shared, and talked about. 



Please help us in any way you can. Carry our message and start a conversation. The money we raise will go towards sustaining our staff, further developing our educational materials, translating our books and resources into multiple languages, and pushing our mission past the boundaries that a budget builds around our goals.