Our Philosophy

SmokingTNC is a cause for GOOD.

We create Early Smoking Prevention education beginning at age 5. Our goal is to save lives by providing educators with the tools necessary to educate children at risk of early smoking and other risk-taking behaviors.

Our philosophy is, early education can change the course of not only one child, but that child’s entire group of friends and peers. If you believe healthy lives lead to healthier communities with less risk-taking behavior, become a member of our movement. Helping you lead the way, and create the next generation of smoke-free advocates, that’s our goal! At SmokingTNC, you are the one with the power to make change and together we are a force for GOOD!


CEO and Visionary

SmokingTNC was created out of the inquisitive nature of children. So taken by their heart-felt questions and struggle to understand why someone would smoke, I started creating education to support their logic. Offering the new K-5 program FREE is our current focus. As a respiratory therapist, I’ve seen the devastating effects of end-stage lung disease and the suffering even family members endure. I’m honored to dedicate this series to the profession of Respiratory Care as our credo in short is to help others breathe better!

Tara Flores
Operational Manager

“Helping others learn is my passion. I have a personal connection to our cause, and when I had the opportunity to join the team, I knew helping to educate children early just made sense. As an educator, I searched high and low to find a program like SmokingTNC. When I didn’t, I knew that SmokingTNC is a program that is desperately needed. As a mother of 2 young children, I will do whatever it takes to advocate for not only my children, but yours as well.”

Maria Tantri
Visual Manager

“Living in Indonesia, I see children smoking at very young ages. Sadly, some of my family members died from lung disease. Because of this connection, being a part of our movement for GOOD is very exciting for me. I have the opportunity to help children around the world realize Smoking is Totally Not Cool. Creating visual content for our Social Media is very gratifying, and I know the work I am doing is important on a global scale.”

Madalyn Sheehan
Marketing Manager

“The expression, ‘It takes a village to raise a child’ can be so true. Through our marketing efforts, we are creating a powerful network of global like-minded advocates. Each of us value health and wellness as a priority in life and feel children should be taught the same values. As a health science major, I am thrilled to join the movement of helping to create healthier communities. This is truly a rewarding feeling!”



Michele Berry
Creative Writer

“I work as an outdoor educator, facilitating activities that get young people moving and engaged in nature. My passion is creating the space and opportunity for children to be active in the outdoors and become stewards for their environment, no matter their background.”


“I was drawn to the mission at SmokingTNC because, I feel strongly about a smoke-free lifestyle. Creating illustrations to educate children on the health risks related to smoking is my contribution to a smoke-free generation.”


“I am honored to have been inducted into the VIP Women of the Year Circle! The National Association for Professional Women selected my work based on contributions to community service and caring about the health of children everywhere. This is truly an honor!”              Maryann Gladfelter


Our products and resources are easy to use, age appropriate, and offer a lesson plan, handouts and post test materials for measurable outcomes. Current available products are a picture book titled Smoke-Free Day covering topics such as, but not limited to: heart and lung function, money management and smoke related health risks. Smoke-Free Day is offered in English and Spanish (recommended for children ages 7-9) Smoking Totally Not Cool is an interactive DVD with all supporting resources included (recommended for children 9-12)