We value your feedback and love hearing your experiences with our program! Our current products can be taught from Kindergarten to 5th grade; however, our new K-5 workbook series builds upon each grade to offer a more comprehensive understanding of smoking related topics. Please see our Free Workbook Series to preview the flyer!

“The most important part for me was how detailed the lesson plan was. So many times I’ve had companies or organizations ask me to use a lesson but it wasn’t very detailed, and this one totally was. I really like how my students can read the book on their own.”

– Megan, 4th Grade Teacher

“I think the point was put across to the students in a very positive and enlightening way.”

– Suzanne, 3rd Grade Teacher

“A great presentation, which was very well received by both the students and their teachers.”

– Mary Beth, 4th Grade Teacher

“My students came away from your program with a wealth of new knowledge and the ability to make wise choices.”

– Jennifer, 5th Grade Teacher

“One parent told me that her daughter wrote the aunt a letter encouraging her to stop smoking and telling her the exact account of the presentation.”

– Paula, 3rd Grade Teacher

“The skits taught us about second hand smoke and how to say no to someone who offers you a cigarette.”

– 4th Grade Student