We like to use the expression ‘it takes a village to raise a child’, and for SmokingTNC our village spans the globe. Words can hardly describe our gratitude for those who have helped us create our videos, offered their time, and shared kind words of encouragement. Early Smoking Prevention is our movement for GOOD, finding our way into the lives of children everywhere. Whether you donated your voice, your time or your money, we thank every supporter for helping us as we reach our goal of providing free education to better the lives of children.

Karla and her team for our new website look and feel
Victoria for her miniature horse (Tinker)
Charul and her students for helping to bring Mumbai India to our video
Maria and her Video Team from Jakarta ūüôā
Daniel and his children for helping to Bring Germany to our video
Kishor for his persistence for a wonderful India Sign!
Evelyn for her lovely smile and representing Mexico
Deanna for her patience with videoing….lol
Jennifer and her lovely cheerleaders We love you!
Todd Wardope for producing amazing videos for TNC!
Rick our fellow New Jerseyan for helping us fine tune our website!!
To all Respiratory Therapsit’s who have encouraged us with kind words <3


Campaign contributors

Jill GLadfelter                                                                                              Elina Grossman                                                                    Bruce Gladfeler            

G. Macintosh                                                                                               Angela Fiorentino                                                                 Angela Grabau

JoAnn Toto                                                                                                  Wimilliam Klose                                                                   Colleen Gehring

Kathleen Remetta                                                                                     Sally Beyeler                                                                         Jennifer Conte

Eric Gladfelter                                                                                            Diana Middleberg                                                               Deborah Gilligan

Deanna Lope                                                                                             Karen Spilove                                                                       Jessica Federico

Jeffrey Lynch                                                                                              Dann Kenedy                                                                      Paricia Bekeshka

Felicia Wipkey                                                                                            Michael Governa                                                                  Auguste Turner

Jamie Hueber                                                                                            Lisa Williams.